How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In The Home And Garden

Earwigs In House

Earwigs In House

How To Get Rid Of Them

Although earwigs in house and garden can be quite creepy looking, this alien-like appearance is no real threat. Yes, earwigs in house and garden it can bite, but they are harmless bites and pose no threat to use humans.

Earwigs In HouseSo why do people want to get rid of them?

Well, generally it is has more to do with the appearance of earwigs. As already mentioned, they can be quite creepy and as they group together, finding earwigs in the house can be overwhelming as there is likely to be a lot of them.

Earwigs generally enter the house when the weather turns. This can happen when it starts snowing outside or if the temperature drops drastically. So basically, they only do so extensively when their outdoor habitat becomes somewhat unsuited for comfortable living.

To prevent this invasion, a tightly built house with no gaps, voids, and cracks would do the trick. These insects like to squeeze through even the smallest gaps. So before the conditions outside become unfavorable for them, do cover up those potential entrance points.

When it comes to earwigs in house and home, earwigs are actually not predisposed to live indoors. They prefer your garden or yard and would just occasionally sneak into your house searching for food or when the weather turns.

As such, indoor infestation is more rare than common. But whenever it does happen there are a few things you can do to get rid of earwigs in house and home.

You can always resort to using commercially available insecticide sprays. These would kill them without a problem. However, since most of them live outdoors and would only drop by occasionally, blocking off entrance points can be a better idea than spraying.

Other than sealing up cracks, you can also use boric powder. For gaps along window frames, door sides, and the like! Simply place a good amount along gaps, so that there is enough to make contact with any earwigs making their way in.

Upon contact, the natural insecticide properties of boric powder will poison the earwig. Its reach is not as much as that of an insecticide spray but it is safer to use and doesn’t carry the awful smell some insecticides do. Just make sure though that you have got all cracks and gaps covered.

For occasional sightings of earwigs in house, you can simply squeeze them out of course. If visits are becoming much more common, you might have several earwig nests just outside your house. In which case, an outdoor earwig hunt must ensue.


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